Friday, 23 January 2015

Oxford, the paradise of dead philosophers.

Sometimes the best way to get out of a bad mental place is to physically take yourself to a different place, a little like going on holiday. For me at least the change in surroundings seems to trigger a reboot in my head and re sparks a bit of motivation and positivity. Obviously its not always a viable option with work and other responsibilities but as i have neither of those at the moment i've become somewhat of a suitcase kid (Jacqueline Wilson anyone?) and built up a few places in the last few months that i can escape to.

The added bonus is that when i start to feel more motivated i'm able to do the things i love again. Of course being inspired helps which is why Oxford has quickly become a favorite haven to me, the architecture and quaint little quirks have reunited me with my camera. Most of these are from December and aside from instagram were some of the first photos i'd taken in months. It may not seem like a big deal but to me just enjoying things like photography and writing again feels like a huge achievement. Eventually i'm hoping that the things i enjoy will become enough to pull me out of a bad patch without having to relocate every three or four days but for now i'm just grateful that i've found a way to give myself a little bit of happiness.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

The year of self discovery.

New year, a time for new beginnings and aspirations, opportunities and potential. At this time of year we make a lot of promises and if we believe what we resolve then we’ll all be seeing in the end of 2015 in idea jobs, perfect relationships and size 6 dresses. If only life were that simple, i’ve tried to be that person and guess what; it doesn’t always work. As a result 2014 was bad, quite possibly one of the worst and i can wholeheartedly say i don’t want a repeat.

This year i have only one goal and that is the goal of self discovery. I want to carry on writing, reading and taking photographs, i want to travel and make new friends as well as enjoying the friendships i already have. I want to try new things and figure out what i enjoy and who i am away from the confines of who i’m expected to be and who i thought i was. I don’t want to please anyone else; i don’t want to be responsible for anyone else, heck i don’t even want to think about anyone else. Selfish? Quite possibly yes, but i’m entitled to be selfish, we all are.

We’re given one life and not to sound trite but that life and how we spend it is precious. One thing that i’ve definitely learnt from this year is that it doesn’t matter what you’ve got around you if you can’t see it yourself, i've seen so many of my friends struggling over the last twelve months and the majority of the time those struggles have been a result of internal not external factors. You will never be happy with what you have, what you're doing or where you are if you aren’t happy within yourself, which is why at the end of the day you are all that really matters.