Sunday, 2 March 2014

It's the little things that make life big.

Over the last  few weeks i've learnt what it's actually like to be an adult and have a full time job and to be totally honest, i'm yearning after my uni days. I don't know how people find the time to work all week, see friends and have a life plus blog on top of it all. Case point i just sat down to write a weekly wrap up post and realised that i only have photos from one day because the rest of the time i was either at work or in bed recuperating.

It's all getting to me a bit at the moment but at least that one day was just what i needed. As much as we can annoy each other i love spending time with my younger brother and as he's been on half term all week we decided to go on what turned into a three hour walk involving lots of filming and photo-taking, a very long 'would you rather' game, noughts and crosses in the mud and plenty of singing and laughing.

The whole time that we were out we only saw three other people (one of whom was carrying a rifle and wearing army gear but hey ho) and it sounds so cliché but the fresh air and peacefulness were perfect to clear my mind after a not so great beginning to the week. A few week's ago i think for one of the #timetotalkchat's we were actually talking about little things that make you happy and i didn't realise until now the impact that getting away from everything can have. It's definitely made me want to appreciate and make the most of my days off a little more now rather than just using them as an excuse to sleep and complain about work.


  1. Ugh I know that feeling of just not having any time whatsoever, and one set back like a cold for a few days really puts you on the backfoot.

    This sounds like the perfect remedy though!

    Hmm maybe...

  2. Such a lovely post Charlotte, and I definitely agree with your sentiment about time away helping things; I always find it clears my head to just getaway from things too. I also can relate to working full time, when I started my job several years ago I was shocked at the transition and how it changes things.. especially as I worked with people a lot older, it definitely takes time to adjust.

    Really sweet you had a lovely day with your brother and the beautiful captured shots too <3

    Sophie xo

  3. That last picture is so beautiful. I love nature, wish I lived near such gorgeous peaceful places.
    If everything goes right, I'll graduate in July. I'm not really looking forward to end my student life and start working. The adult life scares me a little, I'm still too much of a child I'm afraid.
    Have a nice week!

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

  4. The pictures are so beautiful! Such a nice place to escape the busy life :)

  5. Amen to that! Definitely a good idea to get out and about preferably somewhere peaceful to get away from crappy "normal" life. I have to say the first time I had a proper full time job I found the adjustment hard, but like most things in life, you just get used to it :) and the money comes in handy! xx

  6. I love getting out and having a little walk in the sun, even if it's freezing. I find it really good for my head and it's a good way to get away from it sometimes.

    Being an adult sucks ;)

    ~ K

  7. Where are you working? Do you at least like your job? And do you work in your field?

  8. Oh such great pictures, I really love the last one it almost looks like an old painting but not in a tacky way at all!

    Rose xo

  9. It's really lovely that you you and your little brother are close and can spend all that time time together. I have a younger brother (6 years different) but we rarely spend any time together at all. It's very sad but we've just never been close. He's just gone to uni now so maybe that'll change. It does look gloriously peaceful in these photos. I like a nice winter walk.