Thursday, 20 March 2014

Pokeball Nails: I choose you!

Hi loves, slightly different post today but i couldn't resist sharing this nail art because whether or not you watch the show and play the games who doesn't love Pokemon?! Since i started waitressing every one of my nails has broken down to a stub and the one good thing about stubby nails is that they are pretty much destined to be pokeballs....

Any nail art takes a little patience but this isn't difficult at all. First you just have to paint the entire nail white, wait to dry, paint over the top half in red, wait to dry, draw a line in black across the middle with a black dot on top, wait to dry, draw a smaller white dot in the centre, wait to dry, coat in clear varnish and voilĂ  pokeballs!
I used Barry M bright red (262), Models own nail art pen in black, L.A colors energy source, a cheapy white nail art pen from Primark and to finish it all off Barry M 3-in-1 clear. (Do y'all like my pikhachu by the way?)

 Pretty simple and of all the nail art i've tried this has definitely got the bet response, so much so that i started to get annoyed at hearing 'oh my god are those pokeballs?!' but don't let that put you off! Next up on my list of nails to attempt are Pac man and adventure time....i'll be sure to share if they turn out well :)

Saturday, 8 March 2014

What i wore: hello sunshine

 jumper ~ Primark, skirt ~ Topshop, coat ~ Topshop, necklace ~ New Look, 
shoes ~ Primark, bracelet ~ Primark

Hello lovely people and happy Saturday! It's still been quite chilly lately but the appearance of the sun is making me yearn for a little bit of colour and you can't get much brighter than this skirt which i actually picked up in Petticoat lane market for £2.50. the only problem is that it's seriously, seriously short, my mums already warned me not to walk up stairs while wearing it so maybe that's why it was at the market?
Speaking of sun Spring is definitely getting closer which is making me happy. Today i actually met up with the lovely lady behind Welsh girl problems and it was so nice being able to walk around and sit in the park without feeling like my fingers were about to fall off. Of course it goes without saying that it was also nice to meet someone from Twitter who turned out to be absolutely fabulous. It's also got me contemplating doing some regular time to talk type posts although i'm not entirely sure what about specifically so any suggestions would be incredibly helpful, is mental health something that you'd like to hear more about??

Sunday, 2 March 2014

It's the little things that make life big.

Over the last  few weeks i've learnt what it's actually like to be an adult and have a full time job and to be totally honest, i'm yearning after my uni days. I don't know how people find the time to work all week, see friends and have a life plus blog on top of it all. Case point i just sat down to write a weekly wrap up post and realised that i only have photos from one day because the rest of the time i was either at work or in bed recuperating.

It's all getting to me a bit at the moment but at least that one day was just what i needed. As much as we can annoy each other i love spending time with my younger brother and as he's been on half term all week we decided to go on what turned into a three hour walk involving lots of filming and photo-taking, a very long 'would you rather' game, noughts and crosses in the mud and plenty of singing and laughing.

The whole time that we were out we only saw three other people (one of whom was carrying a rifle and wearing army gear but hey ho) and it sounds so cliché but the fresh air and peacefulness were perfect to clear my mind after a not so great beginning to the week. A few week's ago i think for one of the #timetotalkchat's we were actually talking about little things that make you happy and i didn't realise until now the impact that getting away from everything can have. It's definitely made me want to appreciate and make the most of my days off a little more now rather than just using them as an excuse to sleep and complain about work.