Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The fragile, the broken, sit in circles and stay unspoken

Skirt ~ Topshop, shirt ~ Topshop, bracelets ~ Primark, bag ~ Walthamstow market, shoes ~ Primark

You know how as soon as you buy new clothes everything else in your wardrobe seems just kind of blah and then you end up only wearing your new clothes until you're fed up of them? Well that's kind of what's been happening with all my christmas sale buys right now. I must have worn this exact same outfit three or four times which probably makes me a really crap blogger but oh well. I'd actually wanted this skirt when it was full price so was chuffed to find one in my size for £15. The shirt was more of an impulse buy but it's so lovely and silky that i couldn't resist, plus it matched the skirt so i guess it was meant to be.
I did pick up a few more bits in the sale which will no doubt feature on here shortly. Plus i finally got round to ordering a remote control for my camera yesterday so i'm going to attempt some outfit photos with my tripod again this week, which should hopefully be a lot easier without having to run back and forth between shots!


  1. I know this syndrome - I face it every day myself. I guess we could survive from over-consuming / throwing away good stuff by putting unwanted pieces to storage for a while. After a month or more we'll probably forget all about them, then miraculously make "new" finds when going through old boxes :D Worth a try ;) Nice look by the way, cool print on the blouse.

    x Satu
    Indie by heart

  2. yes! thats how its is with me too. i end up getting new shoes, and ill just repeatedly wear them consecutively. but i can see why, that blouse is lovely. really cool print.
    xx http://1finedai.blogspot.com/

  3. Oh yes! I am like that too!! I LOVE that blouse! The print is so quirky!


  4. Ahh that skirt is adorable! and the shirt really does match it perfectly. I know what you mean about going on a shopping spree and not wearing your old clothes anymore because they just seem so boring. I try to break out of that style rut by planning to match at least one old item with my new item per week or something like that.

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  5. Oh I am so in love with this outfitxx

  6. I get what you mean, sometimes our old stuff can seem so boring! Love your skirt xxx

  7. Haha, I know that feeling! I kind of just stare at my wardrobe and think "what on earth did I wear before??"

    This outfit is gorgeous! And your hair is so stunning

    xx Carina

  8. YES I totally feel you! I've been religiously wearing the same pieces I've gotten post-Christmas and I literally don't even bother to look at my old clothes anymore. This can be a dangerous habit, hehe.

    So glad to hear you got your Topshop skirt on sale! :-) I always find it so accomplishing when I find a gorgeous piece on sale and not only that, but in my size too. It's almost as better than buying something full price, which I sometimes give into! Love your skirt paired with the blouse too!

    Speaking of remotes, I should probably invest in one. Right now I just have the most randomest people take my photos for me; my mom, my friends, my brother... hehe, I can tell they get annoyed when I tell them to re-shoot something because my pose didn't look right.

    You've got such a lovely blog! :-) Am now following you on GFC. Hoping we can stay in touch!

    ♥ Kelsey

  9. Your blog is so cute! Lovely outfits :) x

  10. I do this literally EVERYTIME I buy new clothes I just don't want to wear my old ones anymore ha! You look great I love the shirt


  11. Love this outfit! There's nothing wrong with wearing the same outfit over and over again, it's better than wearing it once and then throwing it to the back of your wardrobe :) xx

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog and would love for you to enter :)

  12. Adore that snazzy shirt! <3 This is definitely a lesson in how to rock a shirt (I never look good in one!!)

    Sophie xox soinspo

  13. Loving the blouse :3 it just sits so well with the skirt and on you!!
    Your hair is amazing btw :D



  14. Who cares if you have worn it a lot, it looks good! :)
    www.clashingtime.blogspot.com <3