Wednesday, 29 January 2014

"Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love."

 Jeans ~ New Look, Jumper ~ Vintage, Jacket ~ Topshop, Bag ~ Vintage, Boots ~ Primark

Last week i went up to London for the day and for once in my life all i could think about when i was getting dressed was comfort. I knew we'd be walking around a lot and i'm always complaining that i'm freezing anyway so i chucked on one of my majorly oversized vintage jumpers and actually opted for jeans rather than tights. It definitely turned out to be a smart move when walking back to Victoria from Soho in the evening. Jacket wise i couldn't resist wearing another of my Topshop sale bargains. I snapped this up for a meagre £12, it's perfect to chuck on over pretty much anything plus it satisfies my tartan cravings without being as OTT as my Henry Holland cape.
I didn't actually take many photos in London despite lugging my camera round all day so hence no London post, i actually took these the day after with my tripod and remote...i think i'm finally getting the hang of it although getting the angles and distance right still takes a bit of work so if anyone has any tips feel free to share!


  1. love your blog! following you!

  2. Cute & comfy look, perfect for day walking around. :) I'd love to visit London, never been there.

    Hmm when I use tripod I search a point on the screen where I should go. Or take test shot with something like chair or teddy bear, then keep the same adjustments and just replace the item. :) It's been a while since I last took any decent outfit posts but these tips helped me then. :)

    Indie by heart

  3. I really love your jumper, nice colour as well! I hope you had a great time in London!
    Thank you very much for visiting my blog! I really appreciate that.
    Oh, and I love the colour of your hair! It suits you very well :)

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

  4. Love your jacket with the tartan detail :)

  5. Your jacket is lovely, what a bargain! xxx

  6. I love your blog

  7. Reading fashion blogs makes me want to buy everyyyyyything D: Must. resist.

    Looks great! x

  8. nice look :)

  9. Gorgeous outfit, you're really pretty :)

  10. I love this outfit. You look so cute and the jumper is gorgeous.

    Joana x
    When You Dream Big

  11. Absolutely loving your look. The jacket & jumper compliment each other so well & love how you've rolled the sleeves up <3

    Sophie xo soinspo

  12. I have similar colour hair but oh my I love yours, such a beautiful colour!!!

  13. £12! that's such a bargain for Topshop, and it's sooo nice!

  14. love your hair :) looks lovely! really like your outfit too..but am I the only one whos realised that you've added boots but we can't see what boots you have on? :) xxx

  15. beautiful!
    i love your hair!