Saturday, 26 October 2013

leather, leopards and fluffy jumpers

 Trousers ~ Primark, blouse ~ Primark, jumper ~ Topshop, bag ~ vintage (Brick lane), 
braclets ~ Primark, shoes ~ Risky

A couple of days ago i had an interview at Topshop which i used as an excuse to buy this fluffy cropped jumper that i've been coveting. I ummed and ahhed over it for a while as £34 seemed pretty steep for a jumper but i definitely don't regret forking out for it. I always thought fluffy jumpers looked cosy but i never realised it would be this cosy, i seriously don't want to take it off.
Of everything i've paired it with in the last week i think this is my favourite, which is good news for my rarely worn leather trousers which to be honest i only even brought because they were £6 in the Primark sale, but are actually pretty useful if you're prone to spilling drinks down yourself.

In other non-jumper related news i'm off to London tomorrow with my mum for the day and i'm ridiculously excited, i can't wait to go to all my favourite places again and as lame as this might sound i can't wait to go on the tube doubt i'll miss it even more when i'm back in Cardiff on Monday though :(


  1. Lovely outfit! The shoes are amazing and your hair looks great! :)

  2. Aww, I LOVE those leopard shoes - SO cute!! And that jumper is great buy - totally worth the money as it looks so fab on you!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  3. I love your jumper! and I am completely in love with your bag!

  4. Your jumper is so cute! Hope you had a fab day in London xxx

  5. Oh, I love the layering, the crop and the shirt combo is super cute! Your poor Risky shoes are in a puddle though! I hope they survived their swim!

    Emma x

  6. Lvely look!!

    xx Mounia

  7. So pretty.
    Hope you will visit mine too.
    Greetings from Pakistan!

    Maria Speaks Prada

  8. Hope you had a lovely day here :) You wouldn't want to be in London today, with all the storms nothing is working!! I have that jumper too, it's ridiculously cosy! Fingers crossed for the job interview! xxx

  9. ah, i love your cropped sweater here! the purse is also such a wonderful piece! so cute.

    lindsey louise

  10. i love the outfit! i love the jumper and your heels are amazing!,


  11. Love this outfit! The fluffy jumper is lovely, they seem to be popping up everywhere at the minute :) xx

  12. Your fuzzy jumper is amazing! And you look beautiful dear!

  13. I love this look! That fuzzy sweater is so gorgeous. Love the patterns and textures you mixed here, and most of all - love your red hair!

    xo, Michelle
    Neon Rattail