Thursday, 10 October 2013

Hey little fighter soon it will be brighter

skirt ~ Topshop via Walthamstow market, crop top ~ H&M, belt ~ Urban Outfitters, shoes ~ Primark, bracelet ~ boot fair (50p!!), hat ~ H&M

It seems like i start every blog post now by apologizing for disappearing so lets not break tradition, sorry for the absence again! This week has gone by crazily quickly and i've been more preoccupied with watching tv and sleeping looking for a job and getting used to being at home than blogging.
Today i did finally get around to uploading these photos that my brother took for me a little while ago. I picked up this skirt from Walthomstow market, Topshop labels still attached, for a bargainous £7. I'm  making an effort to go against my urges and not dress in head to toe black now that its autumn so i think the colours are perfect to break up an otherwise bleak outfit without being too bright and summery. My hair still doesn't know what it's doing which is why this hat is making another appearance although bad hair day or not i do actually really like how chucking on a hat can make your outfit feel that little bit more finished, hiding your bad dye job is just a bonus!

Hopefully over the next few days i'll start to get back into the blogger groove. Like i said it's more that everything is a bit messy and different at the moment than lack of time. I think i just need to get back into a routine where everything feels a bit more normal again. Thanks for sticking around while everything's a bit up in the air anyway :)


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  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and reading through everything :) I appreciate it! It is hard not to dress head to toe in black during autumn/winter but at the same time black is sucha staple colour. I love the blue skirt though it definitely brightens up the outfit and your hair regardless of hat or not is a gorgeous red colour <3

  3. Ah that skirt is amazing! And your boots! I wish we had a nicer market in my hometown, I'm far too lazy to go to London at the weekend - mostly because I commute there 5 times a week. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog too (:

  4. I love this entire outfit! You look lovely :) xx

  5. You look so cool and the hat is absolutely adorable. I've used to be able to get post out every 3 days or so, but I feel like it's been so hard for me to blog lately. D:

  6. what a standout! in a good way.

  7. hey sweetie
    I just found your blog and I loooove it!
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  8. This is such a pretty outfit babe :) Love your skirt xx

  9. I love your skirt! and I was so shocked that your boots were from Primark, they're so so nice!
    - Charlotte

  10. oh my this is such a perfect look! it standouts in every way <3