Saturday, 26 October 2013

leather, leopards and fluffy jumpers

 Trousers ~ Primark, blouse ~ Primark, jumper ~ Topshop, bag ~ vintage (Brick lane), 
braclets ~ Primark, shoes ~ Risky

A couple of days ago i had an interview at Topshop which i used as an excuse to buy this fluffy cropped jumper that i've been coveting. I ummed and ahhed over it for a while as £34 seemed pretty steep for a jumper but i definitely don't regret forking out for it. I always thought fluffy jumpers looked cosy but i never realised it would be this cosy, i seriously don't want to take it off.
Of everything i've paired it with in the last week i think this is my favourite, which is good news for my rarely worn leather trousers which to be honest i only even brought because they were £6 in the Primark sale, but are actually pretty useful if you're prone to spilling drinks down yourself.

In other non-jumper related news i'm off to London tomorrow with my mum for the day and i'm ridiculously excited, i can't wait to go to all my favourite places again and as lame as this might sound i can't wait to go on the tube doubt i'll miss it even more when i'm back in Cardiff on Monday though :(

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Tartan, not just for picnic blankets

  poncho ~ Henry Holland @ Debenhams, dress ~ Monsoon, boots ~ Linzi shoes, necklace ~ New Look

Today has been an ultimate lazy pyjama onesie day so i've had plenty of time to upload/edit photos and catch up on a bit of blogging....starting with some outfit photos from the weekend.
I actually brought this coat two years ago in the Henry Holland sale but it just so happens that it lends itself perfectly to this years tartan trend, which means its been dragged out from the depths of my wardrobe and given a new lease of life. I've worn it more in the last two weeks than i have done in the last two years and it feels like i have a new coat for nothing which is always nice. I'd say that about 90% of the time when i wear a patterned coat or jacket i end up pairing it with all black, Sunday was no exception with this simple but pretty dress from Monsoon. 
I guess that's it for now, today's outfit has been a Pikachu onesie and this evening is going to be a continuation of my lazy day; a bit of catch up tv, blogging then an early night i think.....i really am an exciting blogger!

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Hey little fighter soon it will be brighter

skirt ~ Topshop via Walthamstow market, crop top ~ H&M, belt ~ Urban Outfitters, shoes ~ Primark, bracelet ~ boot fair (50p!!), hat ~ H&M

It seems like i start every blog post now by apologizing for disappearing so lets not break tradition, sorry for the absence again! This week has gone by crazily quickly and i've been more preoccupied with watching tv and sleeping looking for a job and getting used to being at home than blogging.
Today i did finally get around to uploading these photos that my brother took for me a little while ago. I picked up this skirt from Walthomstow market, Topshop labels still attached, for a bargainous £7. I'm  making an effort to go against my urges and not dress in head to toe black now that its autumn so i think the colours are perfect to break up an otherwise bleak outfit without being too bright and summery. My hair still doesn't know what it's doing which is why this hat is making another appearance although bad hair day or not i do actually really like how chucking on a hat can make your outfit feel that little bit more finished, hiding your bad dye job is just a bonus!

Hopefully over the next few days i'll start to get back into the blogger groove. Like i said it's more that everything is a bit messy and different at the moment than lack of time. I think i just need to get back into a routine where everything feels a bit more normal again. Thanks for sticking around while everything's a bit up in the air anyway :)