Saturday, 28 September 2013

From London to Cardiff

I've only been back in Cardiff for just over a week but it already feels like a lifetime ago that me and Jordan locked up flat 4 for the very last time and waved goodbye to London. Of course we couldn't leave without squeezing in one final day of tourism....

Being back in Cardiff is strange to say the least. I love my family but am quickly finding out that i love them a lot more from a distance, living with them again after three years of being away from home just feels a bit backwards. Even more strange is not living with Jordan, although we have been meeting up and texting constantly its definitely not the same as him always just being there, something which i don't think i fully appreciated until now!

Of course i'm also missing London itself, tomorrow will be particularly painful because i should be in Bricklane and there really isn't a Cardiff equivalent. It isn't all bad here though, they may not be to London's standard but we have shops and we have bars, one of which we've already deemed our new be@one ....what more do we need? 


Thursday, 12 September 2013

Any colour, as long as it's black

t-shirt dress ~ Topshop, leather jacket ~ Primark kids, hat ~ H&M, shoes ~ everything£5,
bracelet ~ petticoat lane market, bag ~ F21

Last Saturday after a Morning in Camden me and Jordan decided to traipse down to Regents park. In typical British style it had been cold and drizzly when we left the house but by the afternoon the sun had made an unexpected appearance and i was seriously starting to regret my choice of outfit. Maybe i'm a bit too keen to be getting back in my autumn clothes but after i've worn tights once that signals the end of summer and going back to strappy dresses and pastels just feels wrong. 

On another note a week today and i'm moving back to Cardiff, sad times. we're planning to cram as much into the next seven days as possible starting with going to see Elton John tonight so at least we'll be leaving with lots of good memories!

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Crosses & leopard print

 disco pants ~ Primark, t-shirt ~ Urban Outfitters, jacket ~ Vintage, bag ~ Brick Lane, boots ~ Linzi shoes, bracelets ~ Primark/claires

Hey dolls, as part of our 'screw money enjoy the last of London week' me and Jordan took a trip into Oxford Street yesterday followed by a yummy dinner at Giraffe (an amazing falafal burger for me and something for Jordan...i wasn't paying much attention tbh). I was actually quite restrained in the shops only buying a hat from H&M but i am starting to compile an A/W shopping list in my head.
As the forecast yesterday was a bit cooler and drizzlier then it has been recently i decided to dig out my trusty disco pants...i am looking forward to being able to wear coats and layers again, as much as i hate the cold there's nothing better then wrapping up all warm and toasty! 
Tomorrow is of course a Brick Lane day, our last Brick Lane day before we move back to Cardiff actually so cue lots of photos and sad faces :(