Saturday, 17 August 2013

Stained glass

Blouse ~ Primark, skirt ~ Primark, belt ~ F21, bag ~ F&F, necklace ~ NEXT, boots ~ Linzishoes

Last Sunday as per usual me and Jordan headed to brick lane for our weekly dosage of free food and with the intentions of taking outfit photos. Unfortunately these intentions were crushed when nearly every graffiti covered alley we went down had a lurking drunk or crazy person rooting through the rubbish. Instead we settled on taking photos in the park behind or house, at which time everyone in Stratford seemed to decide to walk their dog/children and stare bemused as i attempted (and failed) to not get embarrassed and crack up.
Anyway this was a very Primarky outfit, i fell in love with this skirt the first time i saw it triggering a month long search involving no less then six different Primarks before i finally found it in my size. It was worth it though, everyone knows i'm i sucker for anything high waisted and i love the stain glass window pattern...i was going to attempt stain glass window nails to match but was a little short on time so just went with the above instead.

I know im posting these late but i can't believe it's already the weekend again! Jordan's at V festival which means i'm home alone, i need to start packing and making sure i have everything for Reading so i'm probably going to go and have a wander round Westfield now to pick up some last minute bits from Primark and poundland (i'm obsessed with poundland!). Tomorrow i might actually  venture out of my comfort zone and go somewhere different to Brick lane, Battersea boot sale is closed so that's out but i was thinking possibly Petticoat Lane market.....any suggestions fellow Londoners??


  1. I've brought some gems at petticoat lane recently so it's well worth a gander plus bagels on the way home! Loving the skirt m'dear!

    1. oh i forgot its in the same direction as the bagel shop! looks like my mind's made up :D x

  2. I love the skirt - it seems Primark have some great ones in at the moment! :)

  3. Such a lovely skirt, and those shoes are amazing. Just gorgeous xx


  4. Lovely skirt! I hope you have a great time in reading x

  5. I've never been to Petticoat Lane market, hope it was good! Whenever I take outfit photos there's always suddenly a million people nearby, so infuriating!! Yes we should do cocktails when you're back from Reading :) xx

  6. Thank you for the kind comment on my blog
    You look fantastic I love your skirt- I love the street art at brick lane but I agree there's always people there!

  7. I love how you style the blue and the prints of the skirt together@! Great outfit! :D
    I really like the print of your skirt.

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    cassandra xx

  8. Oh,what a great look! Love everything about it, especially the skirt!

  9. That skirt is so pretty, so worth searching 6 stores for! x