Thursday, 29 August 2013

Portobello Road

Hey dolls, apologies for the absence once again but as i mentioned (repeatedly) in my last few posts, i lost my festival virginity at Reading last week, following which i went straight to my cousins to celebrate her 18th birthday. I had planned to take lots of outfit photos but that went out the window when i decided to trade in normal clothes for a pikachu onesie so instead here are some photos from a trip to Portobello road that i've been meaning to post for a couple of weeks now.....

Shorts ~ F21, vest ~ brick lane, blazer ~ Risky, shoes ~ Primark, bag ~ brick lane, bracelet ~ Topshop

I have to admit, Portobello is probably my least favourite of all the main markets in London but even so it's a nice day out with lots of unique shops and stalls to see. Plus i did once buy five vintage jumpers for £5 from a stall further down towards Goldbourne road so its definitely still worth a look in my book even if i am more of a Brick lane girl. Not much to say about this outfit really apart from i heart this bag rather a lot...possibly my favourite brick lane find.

Going back to last week, my cousin took a lot more photos then me at Reading so if i get my hands on them i will post about it at some point but for now i will just say that it was certainly an interesting experience to say the least.....i made new friends, was introduced to 'can head', drank way too much, did my first ever beer bong, was exposed to the dark dark reality of festival toilets and obviously listened to some amazing music. I would definitely go again but i was more then happy to return to my own bed on Tuesday. Unfortunately i did come back to the stark reality that i still don't have a job and my rent is still atrociously high so it looks like i'm going to be moving back to Cardiff pretty soon which kind of sucks but does make sense in the long run. It does mean i'm going to want to visit all my favourite London places one last time so you can expect lots of photos in the next few weeks!


  1. Those shoes are Primark?! I need to get myself there pronto!

  2. You wore a pikachu onesie to Reading? You legend! How did you find the whole festival experience? I still haven't been to a festival yet... but live in hope of scoring i-tunes tickets!

    Loving the outfit - especially the shoes! I saw them in Primark a while back and was debating whether to get them or not. Now heavily regretting not giving them a chance! Think they had them in another colour too? x x

    1. Thanks :) Reading was amazing and i actually quite like camping so I didn't have too many problems with things likes not showering and sleeping in a tent...I definitely think it's something everyone should experience at least once! x

  3. Ah I love that bit in London.

    Your outfit is gorgeous, love the shoes.

    So jealous you got to go to Reading :) xx

  4. I've never been to that part of London before! You look so cute, jealous of Reading ;)

  5. It's so crazy busy out there - but super fun to browse. Hope the move back to Cardiff goes well, i'm sure you'll be back in London in no time!

  6. you're right - it is a gorgeous bag! the whole outfit is so lovely.

    Michelle xo -

  7. the pikachu onesie sounds absolutely amazing actually ... really have to get my hands on a onesie ...

    great photos, portobello road looks like such fun. loving the ahoy coin purse in the first photo!

    rae @