Monday, 12 August 2013

Boris bikes

Apologies for the lack of continuity in my blog at the moment but i've meaning to be posting these photos for ages! About a month ago i met up with one of my uni friends in central, and after a long catch up over a lovely lunch in Vapianos and a quick browse around the shops we decided to go and enjoy the sunshine in Hyde park. In the three years i've lived in London i'd yet to take advantage of the boris bikes popping up everywhere so we decided an impromptu bike ride could be fun. Problem; not only was i wearing a short playsuit and wedges but i haven't ridden a bike in about 8 years and believe me you could tell. You know that saying, it's like riding a bike, well that's utter bullshit....  

Playsuit ~ Boohoo, wedges ~ ShoeZone, bag ~ Walthamstow market, jewellery ~ Claires/Primark, necklace ~ Topshop, sunglasses ~ New Look

It was a fun if not rather scary experience but i'm happy to say i managed a full hour without losing a limb or killing anyone, although i did get shouted at a few times; it's hard to stay on cycle paths, especially whilst trying to cycle one handed and take photos. After we'd got rid of the wheels we wandered round the lake and Fjolla very nicely took an outfit photo for me, minus the necklace i had left the house wearing as i had a little bike related accident. whoops. I think i'll definitely take another bike ride before summer is over but maybe with a little more grace and dignity this time!


  1. I love your playsuit!

    And fair play to you for managing to ride a bike for a full hour in those wedges (which are also really cute by the way!) I think I'd have probably fallen off within the first 5 minutes haha.


  2. Love your outfit, that pattern is so pretty! The shoes are cute, maybe not the best choice for bike riding, but still cute.

  3. Aww your playsuits too cute! Love the photographs! x

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  5. Haha! Look's super fun :)
    Love your playsuit!

  6. What a gorgeous playsuit, i love it!

    I'm now following on GFC & Bloglovin :)

  7. Haha... ah i don't think I'd be able to ride a bike now, it's been sooooooo many years haha xx
    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  8. Love that playsuit, it's gorgeous :) xx