Thursday, 29 August 2013

Portobello Road

Hey dolls, apologies for the absence once again but as i mentioned (repeatedly) in my last few posts, i lost my festival virginity at Reading last week, following which i went straight to my cousins to celebrate her 18th birthday. I had planned to take lots of outfit photos but that went out the window when i decided to trade in normal clothes for a pikachu onesie so instead here are some photos from a trip to Portobello road that i've been meaning to post for a couple of weeks now.....

Shorts ~ F21, vest ~ brick lane, blazer ~ Risky, shoes ~ Primark, bag ~ brick lane, bracelet ~ Topshop

I have to admit, Portobello is probably my least favourite of all the main markets in London but even so it's a nice day out with lots of unique shops and stalls to see. Plus i did once buy five vintage jumpers for £5 from a stall further down towards Goldbourne road so its definitely still worth a look in my book even if i am more of a Brick lane girl. Not much to say about this outfit really apart from i heart this bag rather a lot...possibly my favourite brick lane find.

Going back to last week, my cousin took a lot more photos then me at Reading so if i get my hands on them i will post about it at some point but for now i will just say that it was certainly an interesting experience to say the least.....i made new friends, was introduced to 'can head', drank way too much, did my first ever beer bong, was exposed to the dark dark reality of festival toilets and obviously listened to some amazing music. I would definitely go again but i was more then happy to return to my own bed on Tuesday. Unfortunately i did come back to the stark reality that i still don't have a job and my rent is still atrociously high so it looks like i'm going to be moving back to Cardiff pretty soon which kind of sucks but does make sense in the long run. It does mean i'm going to want to visit all my favourite London places one last time so you can expect lots of photos in the next few weeks!

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Stained glass

Blouse ~ Primark, skirt ~ Primark, belt ~ F21, bag ~ F&F, necklace ~ NEXT, boots ~ Linzishoes

Last Sunday as per usual me and Jordan headed to brick lane for our weekly dosage of free food and with the intentions of taking outfit photos. Unfortunately these intentions were crushed when nearly every graffiti covered alley we went down had a lurking drunk or crazy person rooting through the rubbish. Instead we settled on taking photos in the park behind or house, at which time everyone in Stratford seemed to decide to walk their dog/children and stare bemused as i attempted (and failed) to not get embarrassed and crack up.
Anyway this was a very Primarky outfit, i fell in love with this skirt the first time i saw it triggering a month long search involving no less then six different Primarks before i finally found it in my size. It was worth it though, everyone knows i'm i sucker for anything high waisted and i love the stain glass window pattern...i was going to attempt stain glass window nails to match but was a little short on time so just went with the above instead.

I know im posting these late but i can't believe it's already the weekend again! Jordan's at V festival which means i'm home alone, i need to start packing and making sure i have everything for Reading so i'm probably going to go and have a wander round Westfield now to pick up some last minute bits from Primark and poundland (i'm obsessed with poundland!). Tomorrow i might actually  venture out of my comfort zone and go somewhere different to Brick lane, Battersea boot sale is closed so that's out but i was thinking possibly Petticoat Lane market.....any suggestions fellow Londoners??

Monday, 12 August 2013

Boris bikes

Apologies for the lack of continuity in my blog at the moment but i've meaning to be posting these photos for ages! About a month ago i met up with one of my uni friends in central, and after a long catch up over a lovely lunch in Vapianos and a quick browse around the shops we decided to go and enjoy the sunshine in Hyde park. In the three years i've lived in London i'd yet to take advantage of the boris bikes popping up everywhere so we decided an impromptu bike ride could be fun. Problem; not only was i wearing a short playsuit and wedges but i haven't ridden a bike in about 8 years and believe me you could tell. You know that saying, it's like riding a bike, well that's utter bullshit....  

Playsuit ~ Boohoo, wedges ~ ShoeZone, bag ~ Walthamstow market, jewellery ~ Claires/Primark, necklace ~ Topshop, sunglasses ~ New Look

It was a fun if not rather scary experience but i'm happy to say i managed a full hour without losing a limb or killing anyone, although i did get shouted at a few times; it's hard to stay on cycle paths, especially whilst trying to cycle one handed and take photos. After we'd got rid of the wheels we wandered round the lake and Fjolla very nicely took an outfit photo for me, minus the necklace i had left the house wearing as i had a little bike related accident. whoops. I think i'll definitely take another bike ride before summer is over but maybe with a little more grace and dignity this time!

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Everytime i close my eyes it's like a dark paradise

crop top ~ Primark, skirt ~ oh my love, hat ~ vintage, sunday up market, bracelets ~ Claires/Primark

So i guess i'm still really bad at blogging! These photos are from some time last month, from one of the very few occasions i've actually worn this hat....literally twice in three years despite just 'having' to buy it at the time. This top on the other hand was a bargain for a fiver and i've already worn it loads, it's a pretty good alternative to the Motel Dana crop tops which i've been lusting over for ages but haven't wanted to pay the £22 price tag.

Anyway the last few weeks have been pretty standard, job hunting, a trip back to Cardiff, another to Brighton, lots of shopping, cocktails and film watching with Jordan. Now i'm gearing up for Reading and starting to realize that i may have left my shopping a little late as thick knits and woolly hats have already started to replace sunglasses and bikini's. Hopefully i'll be able to hunt down some new shorts at brick lane tomorrow otherwise i guess i'll just have to make do with what i've got, which considering my lack of funds at the moment is probably for the best anyway! Anyone else heading to V or Reading in the next few weeks?