Saturday, 13 July 2013

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

Kookybakes @ brick lane ~ teaching my brother to make daisy chains (so nostalgic!) ~ making cookiedough/wagon-wheel/caramel brownies ~ first seaside trip of the year ~ finally found my name ~ yummy food at the real greek ~ enjoying the sun ~  the nicest cider and sweets ever  ~ games in the park ~ home bar ~ chocolate marshmallow and salted caramel cupcakes ~ nebula nails

Hi hi peeps, no outfit post today but it feels like i haven't blogged in ages so i thought i'd stick together some of the photos i've taken in the last few weeks. I'm absolutely loving that we're finally experiencing a real summer so there's been lots of sunbathing and enjoying the sunshine......i have to admit that as much as i do want a job right now, endless summer days spent in the park are rather enjoyable!