Monday, 15 July 2013

Brick Lane

Top ~ New Look, skirt ~ East End thrift store, belt ~ Primark, necklace ~ Topshop, bag ~ Walthamstow  market, wedges ~ shoe zone, headband ~ Spital fields market

It's a bit of a null point to say i love weekends (who doesn't?!) but i have a particular affinity for Sundays, because Sundays = Brick Lane. My love for Brick Lane started a long long time ago, being one of the first places that i visited the first time i travelled up to London without my parents. Back then the trip was driven by the desire to hunt down Beyond Retro, which, after getting ridiculously lost, i did. That trip cemented my love of not only vintage clothing (my bank balance took a bad hit that weekend) but also Brick lane. It wasn't until i actually moved to London however and discovered the Sunday Up Market that the visits became a weekly ritual. On a Sunday the whole of Brick lane is flooded with crowds of milling tourists, eccentric regulars, back to back stalls and most importantly endless free samples of Chinese chicken, Malaysian pancakes, brownies and pretty much any food you can think of. Whether you're into vintage or not it's still definitely worth a visit just for the atmosphere.

As it's still so sunny, for our standard brick lane trip yesterday i decided to go with bright and flowery. This top is actually a bodycon dress that i picked up in the New Look sale last week and although neon and bodycon are both a little out of my comfort zone the sale price swayed me and i decided to give it a try. The headband was actually added half way through the morning, for £2 i couldn't resist picking it up from one of the little stalls in spitalfields. 

As always it was a lovely day made complete with Baklava (if you do visit you have to try it!) and made all the better by the sunshine. As much as i love camden, portabello, covent gardens and, well, basically everywhere in London, i'll always have a soft spot in my heart for Brick Lane.


  1. Amazing look!!!
    Would you like to follow each other?

  2. That's such a beautiful outfit, especially love your skirt :) xx

    Cat - One hand in my pocket

  3. Ah I love Brick Lane too, I think one of the first times I went it was to go straight to Beyond Retro as well, I bought an old scout shirt... the neon dress looks cool as a top (I'm not too keen on bodycon either especially around the tummy area).
    How about next week, apart from Tues I'm pretty free, or week after? xx

  4. Brick Lane looks like it's a lot of fun! Gotta go there!


    New Post!

  5. You look amazing in yellow such a bright lovely shade

  6. That yellow really suits you! You look so pretty here, the headband completes the outfit perfectly. Brick Lane is on my to visit list xxx

  7. Love your outfit! So summery :) I've never been to Brick Lane, will have to make it a point to go next time I'm in London, it looks and sounds awesome :) xx

  8. I love my trips to Brick Lane too! - haven't been in ages though... I love your outfit, you look great!

  9. Brick Lane is fab - have you been to Tatty Devine at the very end? So much pretty jewellery in there :)