Wednesday, 24 July 2013


I've been an awful blogger again this past week sorry, but, as always, i have an excuse. If you haven't already guessed from the above the main reason for my hiatus was graduation. Yep i am officially a graduate and no longer a student....which is exciting yet overwhelming, scary and a little bit sad all at the same time. I really wasn't looking forward to graduating all that much, spending most of the run up paranoid that i would fall flat on my face walking across the stage. But much to my surprise i didn't fall and i had a really enjoyable day, much more so than i anticipated. It was all quite surreal hearing speeches about the last three years, how far we've all come and how much more we have to look forward too. It's seems crazy now that a year ago i was seriously contemplating dropping out, and probably would have if it wasn't for the support from my family and friends (Jordan!). I think the whole day made me realise how much i've actually achieved and how much i've changed since starting uni and moving to London, and being able to celebrate that with the people that have been there with me along the way was amazing.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Brick Lane

Top ~ New Look, skirt ~ East End thrift store, belt ~ Primark, necklace ~ Topshop, bag ~ Walthamstow  market, wedges ~ shoe zone, headband ~ Spital fields market

It's a bit of a null point to say i love weekends (who doesn't?!) but i have a particular affinity for Sundays, because Sundays = Brick Lane. My love for Brick Lane started a long long time ago, being one of the first places that i visited the first time i travelled up to London without my parents. Back then the trip was driven by the desire to hunt down Beyond Retro, which, after getting ridiculously lost, i did. That trip cemented my love of not only vintage clothing (my bank balance took a bad hit that weekend) but also Brick lane. It wasn't until i actually moved to London however and discovered the Sunday Up Market that the visits became a weekly ritual. On a Sunday the whole of Brick lane is flooded with crowds of milling tourists, eccentric regulars, back to back stalls and most importantly endless free samples of Chinese chicken, Malaysian pancakes, brownies and pretty much any food you can think of. Whether you're into vintage or not it's still definitely worth a visit just for the atmosphere.

As it's still so sunny, for our standard brick lane trip yesterday i decided to go with bright and flowery. This top is actually a bodycon dress that i picked up in the New Look sale last week and although neon and bodycon are both a little out of my comfort zone the sale price swayed me and i decided to give it a try. The headband was actually added half way through the morning, for £2 i couldn't resist picking it up from one of the little stalls in spitalfields. 

As always it was a lovely day made complete with Baklava (if you do visit you have to try it!) and made all the better by the sunshine. As much as i love camden, portabello, covent gardens and, well, basically everywhere in London, i'll always have a soft spot in my heart for Brick Lane.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

Kookybakes @ brick lane ~ teaching my brother to make daisy chains (so nostalgic!) ~ making cookiedough/wagon-wheel/caramel brownies ~ first seaside trip of the year ~ finally found my name ~ yummy food at the real greek ~ enjoying the sun ~  the nicest cider and sweets ever  ~ games in the park ~ home bar ~ chocolate marshmallow and salted caramel cupcakes ~ nebula nails

Hi hi peeps, no outfit post today but it feels like i haven't blogged in ages so i thought i'd stick together some of the photos i've taken in the last few weeks. I'm absolutely loving that we're finally experiencing a real summer so there's been lots of sunbathing and enjoying the sunshine......i have to admit that as much as i do want a job right now, endless summer days spent in the park are rather enjoyable!

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Your mind is playing tricks on you my dear

Denim jacket ~ kids vintage, skirt ~ stratford market, top ~ Topshop, belt ~ Urban Outfitters, bag ~ vintage, Boots ~ Jeffrey Campbell, sunglasses ~ Primark

Hi hi......a week without posting again whoops! It hasn't been all that interesting so you haven't missed much. I'm loving the sudden return of the sun, we spent all of yesterday in the park playing tennis, cards, frisbee (which is way more difficult than i thought!) and reading. The rest of the week has all just merged together to be honest, there's been lots of job hunting and watching fringe but we did break the routine and took a trip to The Real Greek on Wednesday which was amazing.
Again this outfit is from a few weeks ago, i need to catch up so i can actually post what i'm wearing now. Because my brother took photos for me everyday when i was home but i didn't blog at all i still have a bit of a backlog of photos! Anyway whenever i wear this skirt 90% of the time i always pair it with this top and belt, i find that some items are like that...they just lend themselves really well to a certain outfit and then i'm always reluctant to wear them with anything else!

I'm home alone this weekend because Jordans gone back to Cardiff for a few days, sometimes it can be nice spending a bit of time alone, so far today i've been to westfield, had a sunbathe, cleaned the bathroom (shock horror!) and now also blogged. I think i might be really productive and photograph some stuff for ebay later too. Not sure what i'm going to do tomorrow though, i really want to go to a decent bootfair or market that isn't camden, bricklane or portabello....any suggestions fellow Londoners?