Saturday, 29 June 2013

You're no good for me but baby, i want you

playsuit ~ H&M, blazer ~ Debenhams, bag ~ Primark
jewellery & sunglasses ~ Primark, Shoes ~ Jeffrey Campbell

I've been meaning to post these photos for days but have been distracted by brownie making, back to back episodes of fringe and general nothingness. Today has been pretty much the same with the addition of playing tennis this morning but i thought i'd take a break from tv and force myself to blog.....its definitely true that the less you have to do the harder it is to do anything, i'm so unproductive at the moment! I am plodding on with the job search though so fingers i'll have something soon.

Anywayssss outfit, i did say i barely take these shoes off and i really wasn't joking so hi again lita's! I haven't worn this blazer in years though as it creases so quickly and we don't actually own an iron so it will probably be returned to the back of my wardrobe again now and won't be seen for some time. As for the playsuit i love love love the pattern but i have such a love hate relationship with playsuits. Because i'm so short they never seem to fit quite right, same as with dungarees which is sad because i really want a pair :( This playsuit isn't tooo bad as its quite drapey so it doesn't matter that its a little long in the body but then theres still the difficulty of having to pee.....


  1. I love the print on your playsuit! I think playsuits look lovely on you :)

  2. Love this outfit and your hair looks great! :)

  3. This is such a pretty outfit babe :) x

    One hand in my pocket

  4. Brownie making is the best distraction- tasty too! Haha, love me a playsuit but also HATE the drama of toilet needs. You look great too, love your lita's, I am not a big fan of them but I am sold on these with the sassy leather strap over the front!

    Em x

  5. love the cardi, i think it's really sophisticated! xx

    girl from the third floor

  6. such an amazing outfit-love! x

  7. I love your hair and outfit.. Those shoes, I must have!!

  8. Those shoes are AMAZING! xxx