Thursday, 20 June 2013

Summer's in the sky

 Skirt ~ Tesco, Crop top ~ Topshop, Shoes ~ Jeffery Campbell lita's, sunglasses ~ Primark

Yet another outfit from Cardiff last week, the sun was looking pretty tempting so me and my brother ventured away from the tv and into this pretty field behind our house to go exploring...which i definitely wasn't appropriately dressed for. While he was taking photos i was also instructed to 'dance and look crazy', hence the above! I do love this outfit though, i think i'd only picked up the skirt the day before when i was 'helping' my mum with the food shopping (her food bill shoots up when i'm at home - F&F have some great stuff now!) At first i wasn't 100% sure about it as bodycon and midi lengths can both be a bit hit and miss for me but after wearing it for the day i was converted. I also love my £2 primark sunnies although unfortunately there hasn't been much reason to wear them lately :( I'm actually back in Cardiff again now though for a little while and i'm hoping for a bit of sun so that we can go to the beach or something and of course take more photos!

In other news i definitely have a degree and didn't completely flunk my final year of uni, i found out this week that i got a 2:1 overall which i'm absolutely chuffed about. There were so many times this year in particular that i came so so close to dropping out and now, as hard as those times were, i'm glad i stuck it out. Saying that though, whether or not i actually put my degree to good use is another matter altogether....


  1. A massive well done on the 2.1 clever clogs! Loving this outfit - your hair looks so lush!

  2. well done on the 2:1 ! the skirt looks cool, liking your moves ;) hoping for some sun too!! xx

  3. Love the outfit! and congratulations on the 2:1!
    - Charlotte

  4. Great pictures and your hair looks such a nice colour! :)

  5. That skirt looks really great on you! :)

  6. Such a lovely outfit! I can't believe the skirt it from Tesco! It's so flattering on you too! x

  7. Congratulations on uni, that's really fab! I also absolutely love the skirt. Can't believe it's from Tesco!!!

    Ava Tallulah

  8. You look amazing, I love the skirt! Congratulations on getting a 2:1 as well, that's great and well done for sticking with it :). xx

    Almost Delightful

  9. Great look! :) That skirt suits you perfectly.. I'm kinda jealous heh ;)

    Indie by heart
    (GFC is shutting down - follow me on Bloglovin')

  10. Well done on your 2:1!! Your air looks pretty too :D