Tuesday, 25 June 2013

I’m weak in the knees for you , but I’ll stand if you want me to

Disco pants ~ Primark, crop top ~ Topshop, blazer ~ vintage, shoes ~ Jeffrey Campbell lita's 

Hi hi, sorry for the short absence but i went back to Cardiff for a few days  and it was a pretty full weekend with no time to post. I managed to make a complete cock up out of getting the coach back yesterday, i missed my first coach in the morning so booked another then met up with a my dad for a little bit to kill some time and i somehow managed to miss the second coach to so had to book another....third time lucky, but it meant that i got home at 11 instead of 5! So happy to be back in London now though, going back to Cardiff just confirmed how much i want to be here.

These photos are from about a week ago again, another appearance from my lita's and disco pants ❤ i best keep it short as i have a meeting at the job centre soon, then i'm going to spend the day applying for jobs and probably blogging :)


  1. Love that jacket and gorgeous heels!! x


  2. love the outfit, your jacket looks amazing!

  3. Love the outfit, especially your outfit! Good luck with the job hunt!
    - Charlotte
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