Saturday, 15 June 2013

Feeling patriotic

Dress ~ Yumi, cardigan ~ Topshop, belt ~ primark, shoes ~ everything5pounds

Another outfit from my time in Cardiff last week when there was still hope of a real summer! This dress has been sat unworn in my wardrobe for ages now and i rarely wear the cardigan any more either but the combo seemed perfect for the sun, i probably should wear the dress out in London just to show a bit of patriotism.

Today has been insanely unproductive, i did eventually leave the house to go to Morrisions this morning but promptly returned to my pyjamas and bed when i got back. My motivation to do anything but watch tv is non-existent, not helped by the fact that it's raining and i have a  really bad night it is! Any recommendations?


  1. This is a lovely little outfit, the dress is beautiful! x

  2. i JUST ordered some things from everything 5 pounds and i love what i got! unfortunately, they didn't have any shoes in my size that i liked anymore.. are yours any good? might have to go back to check on the shoes again haha :)

    nice blog! check out mine?

  3. Your dress is beyond cute! Lovely photos! x

  4. Adorable look! :) That dress is really nice, suits you ^^ Cute print. AND love your red heels x

    Thanks for stopping by! Fragrance Direct doesn't have the widest range out there, but their prices are always SO great - especially on make up. :)

    You've been away for a while ? Welcome back ! :)

    Indie by heart