Saturday, 29 June 2013

You're no good for me but baby, i want you

playsuit ~ H&M, blazer ~ Debenhams, bag ~ Primark
jewellery & sunglasses ~ Primark, Shoes ~ Jeffrey Campbell

I've been meaning to post these photos for days but have been distracted by brownie making, back to back episodes of fringe and general nothingness. Today has been pretty much the same with the addition of playing tennis this morning but i thought i'd take a break from tv and force myself to blog.....its definitely true that the less you have to do the harder it is to do anything, i'm so unproductive at the moment! I am plodding on with the job search though so fingers i'll have something soon.

Anywayssss outfit, i did say i barely take these shoes off and i really wasn't joking so hi again lita's! I haven't worn this blazer in years though as it creases so quickly and we don't actually own an iron so it will probably be returned to the back of my wardrobe again now and won't be seen for some time. As for the playsuit i love love love the pattern but i have such a love hate relationship with playsuits. Because i'm so short they never seem to fit quite right, same as with dungarees which is sad because i really want a pair :( This playsuit isn't tooo bad as its quite drapey so it doesn't matter that its a little long in the body but then theres still the difficulty of having to pee.....

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

I’m weak in the knees for you , but I’ll stand if you want me to

Disco pants ~ Primark, crop top ~ Topshop, blazer ~ vintage, shoes ~ Jeffrey Campbell lita's 

Hi hi, sorry for the short absence but i went back to Cardiff for a few days  and it was a pretty full weekend with no time to post. I managed to make a complete cock up out of getting the coach back yesterday, i missed my first coach in the morning so booked another then met up with a my dad for a little bit to kill some time and i somehow managed to miss the second coach to so had to book another....third time lucky, but it meant that i got home at 11 instead of 5! So happy to be back in London now though, going back to Cardiff just confirmed how much i want to be here.

These photos are from about a week ago again, another appearance from my lita's and disco pants ❤ i best keep it short as i have a meeting at the job centre soon, then i'm going to spend the day applying for jobs and probably blogging :)

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Summer's in the sky

 Skirt ~ Tesco, Crop top ~ Topshop, Shoes ~ Jeffery Campbell lita's, sunglasses ~ Primark

Yet another outfit from Cardiff last week, the sun was looking pretty tempting so me and my brother ventured away from the tv and into this pretty field behind our house to go exploring...which i definitely wasn't appropriately dressed for. While he was taking photos i was also instructed to 'dance and look crazy', hence the above! I do love this outfit though, i think i'd only picked up the skirt the day before when i was 'helping' my mum with the food shopping (her food bill shoots up when i'm at home - F&F have some great stuff now!) At first i wasn't 100% sure about it as bodycon and midi lengths can both be a bit hit and miss for me but after wearing it for the day i was converted. I also love my £2 primark sunnies although unfortunately there hasn't been much reason to wear them lately :( I'm actually back in Cardiff again now though for a little while and i'm hoping for a bit of sun so that we can go to the beach or something and of course take more photos!

In other news i definitely have a degree and didn't completely flunk my final year of uni, i found out this week that i got a 2:1 overall which i'm absolutely chuffed about. There were so many times this year in particular that i came so so close to dropping out and now, as hard as those times were, i'm glad i stuck it out. Saying that though, whether or not i actually put my degree to good use is another matter altogether....

Monday, 17 June 2013

Camden town

 Skirt ~ River Island, top ~ Peacocks, wedges ~ Office, belt ~ Forever21, bag ~ vintage/brick lane

Hey peeps yesterday me and the bff took a trip to Camden, breaking tradition from our usual Sunday's at brick lane (kooky bakes and salt beef bagels...yum!). I've only ever been to Camden a few time but have always loved the eccentricity of the place, honestly this time though it was a little bit disappointing. The markets were still great, we even saw a town crier, but generally it seemed to be a lot more touristy and generic then i remembered. We were also let down by the doughnuts which looked so so good but in reality were stale and tasteless, mojito fudge on the other-hand omg amazing! It was still a fun day and we managed to take a few outfit snaps although Jordan's photography skills don't quite meet up to the standards of my brother (Jordy if you're reading this sorry and please still take photos for me!) Again pretty standard outfit although my office wedges got a rare outing, normally they're a little neglected because the buckles jingle a lot when i walk which annoys me and most likely everyone around me. It probably worked out for the best in the end because i forgot about all the cobbled streets....i would have really gone head over heels if i'd stuck to my trusty lita's.

Today is another nothing day, looking for jobs, maybe do some ebaying.....probably watch tv and drink cocktails. This combo of no money and lots of time is getting rather tiring, when i first finished uni going straight into work was the last thing i wanted to do but it's only been a couple of weeks and i'm already feeling restless. Hopefully i find a job soon before i go completely crazy!
PS. think i finally figured out can follow me here :)

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Feeling patriotic

Dress ~ Yumi, cardigan ~ Topshop, belt ~ primark, shoes ~ everything5pounds

Another outfit from my time in Cardiff last week when there was still hope of a real summer! This dress has been sat unworn in my wardrobe for ages now and i rarely wear the cardigan any more either but the combo seemed perfect for the sun, i probably should wear the dress out in London just to show a bit of patriotism.

Today has been insanely unproductive, i did eventually leave the house to go to Morrisions this morning but promptly returned to my pyjamas and bed when i got back. My motivation to do anything but watch tv is non-existent, not helped by the fact that it's raining and i have a  really bad night it is! Any recommendations?

Friday, 14 June 2013

A new start

Disco pants ~ Primark, Crop top ~ Primark, Shoes ~ Jeffery Campbell Lita's, Bag ~ Vintage

Back again and i know i've said it before but this time i really am here to stay. Quite a lot has changed since the last time i tried to return to blogging.....somehow three years have gone by since i first moved to London which means no more uni and as happy as i am to have no more exams or coursework the thought of living in the real world is scary. Up until this point everything in my life has been determined by education and now that's gone i feel a little bit lost. Honestly i haven't got a clue what i'm doing with my future but i do know that i want to stay in London so right now i'm just focused on getting a job.....although if i do stumble into a job that i actually enjoy that would be nice. Apart from making a living really i just want to have fun, i feel like my life has been on pause for the last year and now that uni's over i can press play again and start living. That's why i'm blogging again really, i need something that i love to ground me in what is undoubtedly going to be an unpredictable few months.

Anyway on to the important bit, i now have two blog 'photographers' aka my brother and my best friend so i can do outfit posts whether i'm in Cardiff or London. My brother took these about a week ago, not the sharpest of photos nor the most interesting of outfits but it definitely sums up my style right now. I've developed a slight addiction to crop tops lately and these shoes may as well be glued on to my feet considering how little i take them off so expect to see both rather frequently. I have a bit of a back log of outfit photos right now so hopefully that will motivate me to post more frequently and get back into the swing of things - i have to say i am looking forward to catching up with some of my favourite bloggers!